• Standards of Practice

    I.       Scope

    1.       Services Rendered.  The postpartum doula cares for the family in their home during the postpartum period.  The doula offers evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, and other issues related to the postpartum period including postpartum mood disorders.
    2.       Limits of Practice.  NAPS Doulas Standards apply to emotional, physical and educational support only.  The NAPS certified doula does not perform clinical or medical tasks, such as taking temperatures, blood pressure check, dosing medicine or any other type of postpartum clinical care.  The doula will state concerns to the family about any family member, including the baby.
    3.       Referrals.  For client needs beyond the scope of the doula’s training, referrals will be made to appropriate resources.

    II.     Commitment to Client

    1. When a doula agrees to work with a particular client, the obligation is to do so reliably, to the best of the doula’s ability, for the term of the agreement. Should any doula feel a need to discontinue service to an established client, it is the doula’s responsibility to notify the client in writing and arrange for a replacement, if the client desires.  This may be accomplished by:
    • Introducing the client to another NAPS postpartum doula
    • Contacting NAPS Doulas, or another doula organization, for names of other available doulas
    • Following up with the client, or other postpartum doula, to make sure that the client’s needs are being accommodated

    III.   Training and Experience

    1.       Training.  Doulas that are certified by NAPS Doulas will have attended a NAPS Doulas approved training.
    2.       Experience. Doulas certified by NAPS Doulas will have the experience as set forth in the NAPS Doulas Certification Checklist.  The requirements include infant care, breastfeeding education, applicable reading, high quality evaluations, and proof of continuing education.
    3.       Maintenance of Certification.  NAPS certified doulas will maintain certification by staying current with liability insurance, hands-on infant CPR, and membership dues.  In addition, recertification must be completed every three years.