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    Baby and DoulaNAPS Doulas is a local organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and certifying postpartum doulas in the Greater Seattle Area.  Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive community for postpartum doulas in the Puget Sound Region through continuing education, peer support and professional advocacy. NAPS Doulas supports the postpartum doula profession by maintaining standards and certification, as well as advancing visibility within perinatal and parenting communities. NAPS Doulas’ vision is for postpartum doulas to feel supported in a strong inclusive community and valued for their professional contributions.

    If you are interested in hiring a NAPS certified postpartum doula, please contact us at (206)956-1955 or referrals@napsdoulas.com.  Based on your needs, we will match you with several available doulas in your area.  This referral service is free and available to all parents and guardians.

    If you are a NAPS doula or want to learn more about joining our organization, please click here.  Our annual person of color scholarship is now accepting applications.  If you are interested in training as a postpartum doula and identify as a person of color, please apply before November 20, 2017.