• Rates and Referrals

    NAPS Doulas is a not-for-profit Membership Organization that provides certification, continuing education, and referrals of potential clients to our certified doulas. All of our members are independent business owners who create and set their rates and contract terms. Our certified doulas must carry and maintain liability insurance, certification in hands-on infant CPR, and run a criminal background check with Washington State Patrol. The NAPS Doula, whether certified or not, is required to perform their services in accordance with our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics policies and are subject to our Grievance Procedures.



    • Certified Postpartum Doulas rates are typically $30.00 to $40.00 per hour in the Seattle area
    • Some may offer a sliding scale
    • Some may offer pro-bono services when their schedules allow


    For families in financial need: NAPS maintains a Yahoo Groups List where you may find doulas willing to work at a reduced rate or pro-bono (no cost); the email address is newpostpartumdoulas@yahoogroups.com. Most doulas on this list:

    • have completed their training with a professionally recognized doula organization.
    • are working towards certification with NAPS Doulas.
    • may be willing to exchange 8-hours of pro-bono support for an evaluation.
    • are encouraged to charge a fee after evaluation.


    Determining Financial Need

    The following chart is derived from the 2015 Federal Poverty Level Chart and is based at 300% above the Poverty Level. Please use this chart to determine if you qualify for a reduced rate or pro-bono doula. When calculating number of family members, count your unborn baby as one if you have not yet delivered. We have provided both monthly and annual salaries for your consideration (gross income).

    # of Family Members 300%






    2 $3,983 $47,790
    3 $5,023 $60,270
    4 $6,063 $72,750
    5 $7,103 $85,230



    Finding a NAPS Doula

    • Certified Doulas:
      • On Line: napsdoulas.com and select: Find a Doula
      • By Phone: 206-956-1955; your call will be returned within 24-hours
    • Reduced Fee / Pro-bono Doula:
      • On Line and By Phone: same as certified doulas; you will be given additional instructions
      • Direct Posting: Send an email to: newpostpartumdoulas@yahoogroups.com; include name, location, due date, how to contact you, any siblings, singleton or multiples, day, evening or overnight support, any special needs or information and what, if anything, you can pay. IF a doula is able to meet your needs, they will contact you directly.
      • NAPS encourages our doulas to offer reduced rate or pro-bono services to families in need, however, we cannot guarantee a doula will be available.