• NAPS Doulas Membership

    Thank you for your interest in NAPS! If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact membership.  Membership is open to anyone.

    The cost for the first year of membership is $50, and after that becomes $80 annually.  We hope that making the first year’s dues more accessible will result in more doulas being able to join our organization immediately after training!

    If you would like to be a NAPS member or receive a certification packet, click here.

    In 2014 and 2015, we awarded a scholarship for a person of color seeking training and membership.  If you are interested in being considered for our 2016 scholarship, please apply here.

    If you are a current NAPS member who needs to renew your membership or submit your certification for review, click here . For more information on our mentorship program, please visit our Mentorship page.

    A refund of the full amount of membership will be issued if cancellation, in writing, is received within 30 days. No refund will be issued beyond that point or if membership is revoked.

    Membership includes the following benefits:

    • Member-exclusive classes, networking and social events
    • Access to online Facebook community and Bigtent group
    • Discounts for continuing education events (including the Northwest Doula Conference!) and other opportunities
    • Opportunity to become a NAPS Certified Doula
    • Professional support through the new member liaison, mentors, and other postpartum doulas (online and in-person!)
    • Eligibility for the Mentorship Program
    • Access to a postpartum doula Yahoo group for reduced rate clients
    • Referrals for certified doulas (280 families referred in 2014!)
    • Voting privileges for organization votes and eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors
    • A great way to support the local postpartum doula community!!!

    Members are responsible for:

    •  Maintaining NAPS Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
    • Updating their personal and contact information on BigTent
    •  Checking the accuracy of their personal and professional membership profile from time to time
    •  Reading Board minutes posted on BigTent, under “files”